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Hey, not bad! I agree with the other commenters, great proof of concept.

Physics are pretty janky... if you're supposed to be getting around the map by slingshotting yourself along walls, I have to see it feels more like an exploit than a mechanic. It would be good to teach the player exactly how you want them to use the grappling hook, whether explicitly or implicitly, to make it less frustrating, unless that's what you're going for. Enemy death animation is nice, although gravity for the blobs is broken and it's annoying to die to them and have to start the level again. Some potential in this though.

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I really liked the game but I had the same problem - I understood that the adjective was a prefix but was expecting a prefix on the second animal being the equivalent of large, like small-animal -> big-animal instead of small-animal -> animal. I thought qy- (in qyquu) meant 'big' and ki- was more of a negator (kiqy- = 'not big'). I did get around it though and the game was very fun! Very clever idea. If you were to expand the game, maybe you could have error messages in the language as well :D

Just noticed that someone else (ThePseudonym) had a similar thing about the 'ki-' modifier; I agree with their other points too. Again, I really like this game, great job!