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Key Strix

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I expected this to be pure trash. Glad to find out I was wrong. The sounds bits and music used made this pretty entertaining. Good job~

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It's a very good start. However, there are some big immersion breaking things to address, if you intend to update the game.

1. I do love the way you have the feet animated in the way they press against the ground. Very impressive. But the way the walk animation slides out of pace is very immersion breaking. On top of that - and a much more difficult fix - is getting the t-rex to have proper turning animations. The best example of big dino beasts having amazing walking animations is Monster Hunter World, but that's gonna be a pain to try and mimic... but worth the effort.

2. The roads being blocked by forestry. It looks bad. I'd say get rid of that and make it so that they're possible exit points if you play right. Maybe can have one blocked off by fallen trees and rubble. Can make it so that if you hit a certain distance without being seen, you auto exit. But if he sees you, there's just a bunch of road to run down till he eats you.

3. AI pathing. Had the t-rex trying to walk through the cars to come sniff me.

4. Can clip through his feet. Once he has his back turn, you can basically do all sorts of goofing around, including hiding inside of his legs.

5. Can sprint to the exit for a clean getaway during the t-rex's opening animation. The best way to solve this would be to make it so the player can't leave the car until the animation is finished.

Again, what you have is a great start so far. With some more work, this can truly go great places. I have more critiques, but its more of smaller stuff.