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Could've used some John Drake singing Barkerville acapella :D
Game looks cool, you die very fast though!

I also tried to shave his eyebrows off. Add it as DLC please!

That's some fluid jumping mechanics right there. Brad originally looked like John Drake to me but they're basically the same person right? Great job!

Great production values. I played one match online and it seemed to work alright!

I really love the color scheme and look of this one. The game gets bullethell hard towards the end!

Great insight into the life of a barber. I quite liked the implied social commentary with the game having no ending and you staring at a bald head for hours on end. That's some deep stuff man.

I assume this accurately simulates the life of a video guy? I loved the Tricaster stuff!

Haha, wow those powerups were fantastic.

Replayed this for the good ending, totally worth it.

Could be a full retail product!

I wish I had recorded the moment where my car started spazzing out and flew offscreen. Great game.

Wow, this is great.

This game makes me feel like I'm on drugs!

This is the Clockwork Orange of puppy eating simulators. I love it.

There is an addicting quality to this. Great job!

Damn you team GFB!

This is fantastic.

9 out of 11. Follow the money!

Don't mess with the gator. I quite liked Dan's "ahhh" grunting sounds.