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I just finished playing the game, and I really like it!
I mean... it's not about explosions or the end of the world. It's not about challenging enemies or outwitting your foes.
Instead, it's quiet. I'm very tempted to call it relaxing. But it's... relatable.

I'm not sure how to describe it, but the game is nice. The art style is charming, and the music fits perfectly as well. But the part I appreciate the most: Are the endings. (There might be spoilers for those who haven't played the game, so I'll try to be vague.)

Of course, good endings are enjoyment, and friends are cool, too.
Also, (as expected) the bad ending is sad as well. But, I was curious, and checked the gallery. And the pictures -- those are the coolest part of all.

It's a neat reminder: Haru might've found the events of the game terrible, and the day after might be as dreadful, but the future still exists.
So maybe, just maybe...

Tomorrow might be better after all.

Er... I'm not trying to say that the issues presented are simple, or that life is easy. But, I really like the game. So... thanks! And I hope you have a good day!

Thanks for the feedback! If we had more time, I'd definitely add more variety to the gameplay.

The button mashing is a bit more complicated to fix though. While I don't want to have people button mash, I also don't want to fail the player the instant they mess up an input. I'll have to think about it some more.

This is a fun game. However, I ran into a bug: While Santa is glowing blue (& fixing  a machine), you can click a broken machine (the one Santa is fixing, or any other broken machine) & lose 5 wishes. I... spammed the mouse button on one machine, hoping to fix it. My wish wasn't granted.

Bugs & jokes aside, the sprites look neat. Santa's run animation is also hilarious.

A very good point. I was hoping to add in a throw attack by drawing a curve, but had a hard time converting that action to the computer.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a creative interpretation of the theme. However, the character moves so quickly that I move past my target a lot, and waste turns getting back to my destination. It might be a good idea to slow the character down a bit.

I really like reading the descriptions of the actions on the side of the screen.

This is an interesting concept, but it took me a while to understand what green blocks are, how you'd place them, and how they are different from presents. Fortunately, the video demonstrates the mechanics clearly.

Aside from the tutorial, this game is very well done!

I liked how you can slide through the big enemies if you time your movement right. That's an interesting way of encouraging the player to "take a moment" to think.

The voice is great! Ran into a big bug though...

In the room where you have to fall down a buzzsaw-filled chamber, and jump up a path with saws shooting out of the wall, I died after picking up the key. The key didn't respawn, leaving me stuck in the room...