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I would love to propose a new feature:

Generate a Town Inn with a given Name and display it on the Map as well. I feel like shops and different specific buildings on the Map could and maybe should be added in post when someone downloads the Map and edits it a bit, but as every town probably has an Inn with cool specific name, that could be there by default (or via a toggle option).

Just a simple thing for your consideration:

I don't think rotating the Map should rotate the compass. 


Because as the OG stated, the only real reason to rotate a Map is to have it align with an overworld map. Lets assume, based on the overworld map, you need a river to the west of the city. The city is perfect as it is, but the river that it generated is to the east. You can rotate it 180 degrees, but that would have to compass rose rotate too. That would result in the river technically still being on the wrong side of the town.