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Thanks for letting us know about that bug. I thought I was going crazy when programming that, because it would happen, but then I couldn't reproduce it.

Glad to hear that you like it! Out artist is pretty proud of the menu page, so he'll be happy to see that it got some notice.

Definitely gets top marks for interpretation of the theme.

More time at the start might be good. Or even let the player look at the map, and start whenever they're ready. I was imagining a mechanic that would allow you to "sense" what was nearby, or something similar, but that would run the risk of making everything too easy.

The sound/graphic design is excellent.

A good arcade game. It would be interesting to see some different types of enemies/mechanics thrown into the mix.

Really interesting concept. My favourite level was definitely the one where you swing from switches on the ceiling. It would be cool to see more levels that focus on the unique movement.

Simple but fun. One comment I have is that you might want to mention that touching the bugs ends the run. That happened a few times before I figured out what was going on.

It's a fun little game. I think it would be helpful if there was some way to plan your route while moving. That would also allow for levels that are more difficult without being unfair.

Even though you say the combat system is bland, I really enjoyed it. As long as everything is explained (or better, demonstrated) in a way that's easy to understand, I think it has a lot of potential.