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Well, City Painter is actually pretty cool. It's not good that one cell can contain only one building but it have potential.

Why not to unite painter with generator? I mean generate the city then edit it with painter?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining just suggesting. After all your city generator is the best among all others. It's just lack some customization tools to be perfect, imho.

As a random generator it is cool. Especially I like the concept of city blocks. But it's lack of customization.

For example, if I want to change some city blocks (add more buildings or mode the castle or rearrange city walls or change empty blocks to full with buildings) I simply can't. Warp-function with displace helps sometime but it's really akward (for example, you displace several points at the same time instead of just one).

I think it will be grate if you can switch type of block from Temple to Market, from Empty to Full or something like that.

Is it possible? or algorithm is not so flexible for it?