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A member registered Jan 22, 2021

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very cool game my friend, i played with my brother and we had a lot of fun XD

I thank you for your game and I spend hours racking my brain to get through the stage :D I hope for an update!

I played together with my brother and we loved it, we finished the game but we wanted a lot more, as it is very addictive! I hope an update soon! if I could give some change to the game I would certainly give it because I had a lot of fun! continues! ;)

Faça tudo no seu tempo, somente peço que capriche o máximo! ;) Boa sorte!

Até que enfim um jogo bom brasileiro! muito bom o jogo cara, tem muito futuro mesmo, e feito por um br me da satisfação!

Good game! I want updates on this game! it's very good

Very good game, PLEASE keep updating this masterpiece! I'm addicted

Hi! The game is very good! I didn't get to finish it but I will finish it soon, I didn't play the first versions but I could understand perfectly! The game has a lot of potential, and I'm sure of that! =)