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Hello, I'm confused, in the Steam version of 3dsen PC, will you still be able to create custom 3D profiles for the games like the old times?

And there are plans to include a TAS in the future?

So I was wrong thinking changing the core (to BizHawk) with 1.3 will enable it...

Well, I hope for the inclusion in the near future.

How this work exactly because I don't find any info about it, it's like we don't have to know that this feature exists. I only see it on the official YouTube videos, but none in the software (3DNesVR) and I also have the 1.3.0 version, the one that introduced this feature, but I don't see Load Movie button anywhere.

That is great, thank you!


By actual version I meant this new build, because I saw one of your early videos on Youtube showing the scanlines effect. Is there any plans for the graphics effects to return?

Thank you

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Hello, I just download this fantastic project, but I don't know if the actual version still supports these kind of effects (CTR, scanlines, etc...). If so, how do I enable them?