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There are two main problems I have with this game.

First, the movement feels rather off. As I played, my tank would swerve around erratically if I tried to make a quick turn or tried to grab an item. This problem is especially highlighted if you have to move through a small passageway. Obviously this could be fixed by just tightening up the controls.

Second, the enemies are constantly blending into the environment. There were multiple times where I found myself losing track of the enemies, leading to unexpected deaths. Perhaps this is simply a problem specific to me, but I think the enemies are easy to lose track of because of how similar their color is to the environment. I think if you gave the enemies a color that did a better job of contrasting with the environment, it would fix this problem.

Also a smaller complaint: if you die by standing on a falling island, it takes about 5 or 6 seconds before the game officially ends. This might get irritating the more times it happens.

Complaints aside, I do see promise for the game. Once I got far enough into the game, I began to see how much fun an improved version of this game could be. I don’t have much to say about the visuals or music, but I think they get the job done.

Conclusion: This game has the potential to be something rather fun, but these technical and visual problems are holding it back. 4/10

I hope this helped!