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I was able to get around this.  Each time I got that far in the Prism Vault, I found two prisms with a beam between them that I don't think should have been there --- it didn't come from the "main" beam, and when I redirected either prism the beam disappeared and didn't return even when the prism was returned to its original position.  One of those prisms was north of the one that had been causing the crashes, so I went up there first and turned the prism, making the beam disappear, then went back and turned the crash prism, which then worked great, and I finished the level.  Can't wait to see the rest of the game when it's done.

BEACON community · Created a new topic Prism Vault crash

Hi!  Bought the game as part of the Racial Justice bundle, and after playing through some initial confusion (about things like the landscape being different for each clone) it suddenly all fell into place, and I reached the Prism Vault after lots of fun.

The game has now crashed for me twice in the Vault after a lot of fighting and running, and I'm pretty sure it was in exactly the same spot taking exactly the same action.  Made it to the third big section of the Vault, after the arrival room and the big chamber with the shielded Beacon in the center --- so I'm turning some prisms, turning drainage back on, all that.  I find my way down to the lower levels, and sort of at the "southwest" of that part of the map there's a prism next to a prism vault (I think).  When I turn that prism the first time and the beam redirects "north," the game crashes to desktop.  Fortunately, when I restart, I'm back at the beginning of the Prism Vault. If I'm doing something wrong or there's an obvious workaround, please let me know; otherwise, consider this a crash report or whatever you call that sort of thing.   Thanks for a really fun action game --- I love how chaotic it is to make a "build."