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Do you plan to make portraits of other heroes?

The number of portraits seems to be small compared to your number of awesome characters!

Hi Sven!

Do you have any plans to sell newly added assets as a bundle discount?
Will new characters be released soon?

nice !

Can I use this for my Unity project (commercial)?

It's a really favorite art.

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Very good !!
Do you have any plans to update additional ui elements in the future update?


can I  use for my commercial games?

Regarding the license, do I have to leave credits?

Really awesome
I purchased all of them and these must have been some of the best pixel art ever seen.

I'm going to use this for my game and want to expand it. 

(E.g. the same hero animation with other color or other clothing such as the skin)

Is there an additional fee for this customization?
I hope you continue with pixel art.

Hello I am a fan of your assets !!
Purchased all assets
Have you ever thought of selling the latest pixel art on your art station?
Your assets here are few.

Because some images (e.g. monster drops)
Can't understand what's drawn.

Hi Assets So Good But I want to give the items a name.
Of course it would be nice to name it for myself,but i can't
If you have a name that you used when designing, please let me know.
Sometimes I wonder what this is, what material it is, what name it is, but I can't get the answer.