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honestly in my opinion the best spongebob horror game by far!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

this has to be the most underrated indie game 10/10

great game has the right amount of scares hope one day there can be a longer version or revamp!

amazing game glad to get another play out of it!!



Great Game!

great game def worth playing!

check out the full video! -

great concept love it

check out the full video! -

this game is getting scary good!

great game!

only game that scared me enough to not beat it lol

after all this time we get the full game!! 

this game still surprises me....

wish it ran smoother for me but loved ittt !!

Great game :D

loved this definitely a different atmosphere than most spongebob horrors lol 

great game! hope to see more on it :)


first time in the zoo and this happens? lmao


this gets better and better!!

this game is actually amazing

ofc i really enjoyed it!!

this mascot is built different...literally

very spooky ready for the full game honestly!!
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Squidward legit lost it lol LOVED IT!

potrick is thick

great game really enjoyed!!

this is a strange game....I LOVE IT

this game is actually really good definitely would recommend!


Bro why she move so fastt lol

this game was wildd

short but i loved the jumpscare lmao

One of the best spongebob horrors i've played!

really great game very scary