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Hey, I played your game and I enjoyed it. There are some things that I disliked but the problems are rather minor. I would love to play this game again when it is more polished or released and maybe make a full-blown video just dedicated to this game :)

Blasphemous + Trine = Domion an upcoming indie gem - YouTube

That is good to hear :)

I also made a video about it.

LSD Galaxy - YouTube

that's all.

Build the game, zip it and upload the zip file. Game needs more than just an .exe file :D


You can find the start video on discord under the gamejam channel. There is no stream for today so you can get into developing right away!
Stream will happe on Sunday where we play all the games and wrap up.

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Comment here if you want to team up, list your skills or something you can do to help your group!

Maybe make a random tracking for some walls every once in a while, so it detects the players current position and makes the wall spawn at the player for sure. Currently I spent like idk 30 sec at the center and the traps only appeared on the sides. I like the idea though It's pretty dope.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks again for making a game, I would like if you all publish the game you made on the unity connect page as well. 

Join school and publish your game -

wow nice stuff!

Cool game! Played it using a controller, the controls were pretty nice. It took me like 15 minutes to finish the game, but it was pretty cool. The end boss was tough though. Loved the graphics and sounds.

Only thing to improve would be to implement sounds when enemy gets hit and/or dies.

Thank you very much for playing our game, I am happy you liked it and made a video about it!