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As someone who enjoys narrative-driven games and struggles with platformers, this was very enjoyable! The game didn't punish me for dying (and I died a LOT), which encouraged me to keep going.The visuals are beautiful! I enjoyed finding as many of the collectibles as I could (I found 50/85).

I loved watching the tragic story of this family unfold through small hints throughout the game, and I appreciated the more explicit explanation for it all at the end.

Overall a great experience. Perfect for a single sitting :)

I adore the entire Rusty Lake series. It's the best combo of a mysterious narrative with sci-fi, fantasy, and horror elements wrapped up in an escape room puzzle that I can actually play and not have to worry about my terrible hand-eye coordination.

This was such a beautiful rendition of what ought to be an urgent, terrifying moment into a slow, appreciative place for introspection. Everything is all at once made meaningful and meaningless at an odd crossroads in space, time, and choices.

This game not only has astoundingly beautiful visuals, but it also creates a deeply immersive ambience with its music and text. I became emotionally invested in exploring this world and putting together the pieces of the story. This is such a unique way of storytelling!