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He said the button though, it is the comma...

I agree ;)

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To each their own ;)  This is going in circles and is side-tracked, and (I hope) we all have better things to do.  Regarding follow through, it was a reference to following through on feature sets not support tickets.

With that said I'll quote myself and leave it at: "I've never said I was unhappy with the software or asked for a refund" however I recommend you "wait until it does something you need".

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I bought into the asset packs a long long time ago. They've always provided same core version updates for free. If it becomes 2.0 they usually charge.  About every 8 months or so I think. 

My honest advice is usually not to rush in. Often times the tools are barebones or only get partially done, and never reach their full potential before being discontinued.  Wait until it does something you need.