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A member registered Dec 11, 2016

Recent community posts

I have a -small- list of possible suggestions:

-Buggies with a machine gun, all controlled by one player

-more helicopter types, and also when a map is fully Under one's control, have a chinook-style chopper dropping most of the other team on a random spawnpoint...

-more ammo boxes/ or they can replenish themselves

-small patrol boats or other warships

-customisable soldier (and bots) -> helmets, webgears, backpacks, haircuts, ... (as an option)

-choose team colour option

-drivable tractors option

-a no-air vehicle option

-a webgear that adds two more (or one more) small add-ons (at the cost of one spot, or the side-arm)

-add-ons for weapons (scopes, bipods, grenade launchers,...)

-crawling key

-more guns, sidearms included


-scouting drones

-automated turret

-placeable/pickable machine gun on tripod (you place it, shoot, pick it up, move,...)

-a melee attack button, to hit 'em with the gun's stock

-...and if you are crazy enough, the ability to create your own vehicle designs, with a creator function similar to spore... (this is the weirdest, crazyest idea I could come out with...)...

-a basic crosshair

-player-hosted servers, and LAN games...

Still an awesomely great game, but I still give my -exessive- suggestions...