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aphrodisiac is literally a drug also nvm I found it u can buy it on the computer with bootleg google icon

where can i get drug

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Great art and content, difficulty is somewhat hard ( bcos of the horde attracting too many enemies but other than that it's not as hard as people would describe ) also if anyone doesn't know the 300 zombie thing will cause your zombies to explode themselves literally, keep up the good work ( I would support you financially but I'm also poor ) also the front bit was confusing might I suggest a list on the side telling us what to do.

can someone tell me how to get the scene in the first pictur

I know but what i meant was i constantly pressed the corresponding food buttons simultaneously eg: pressing 1,2,4 very fast repeatedly

by food buttons do you mean the numbers or the ones on the screen and click them ( cuz I did press the correct numbers and nothing happened , btw I spammed all the eating buttons at the same time and probably broke it my self sry )

I would like to report a bug where I can't eat

tbh I spammed all the foods at the same time is that good?

pls, let there be a sequel :]

(if you can't come up with something just let it be I don't mind, rather leave the game in its best state than ruin it with a sequel)