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Oh Boy <3 I like it 

I have uploaded a new version :) There is even a little bonus song :) 

Thanks for your feedback, I'll have a look :) 

Thank you for your answer :) 

I didn't know that a manual level up system is so complicated :) 

Anyway, the gacha system sounds good and I hope there will be something in the future. 

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A really good plugin. I'll get it right away :) One question: Could you also code a level up upgrade system ? In many mobile games you can level up your character manually with the help of items and money. It would be cool if there was something like that for the MZ as well. And while we're on the subject - a gacha system would also be cool :D With the gacha system you can, for example, draw new characters or items. These are just a few suggestions for the future

Does not work. I have the feeling that something is still missing. Are there no plugin calls?

Looks really great! I think I'll get the pack when the Christmas money arrives. One question: Which font do you use in the game?

Schönes Plugin. Gibt es einige Probleme mit anderen Plugins? Zum Beispiel, in Verbindung mit den Visustella Plugins? 


Thank you for your reply. English is not my native language, so there may be spelling errors.

Echt schönes Spiel :3


Any chance to get a MZ Version of this Plugin?

Awesome! Maybe next Tileset contains something Horror Stuff? Halloween is coming hehe :D 

Ah okey :) Thanks for the Info

Only works for Nvidia graphics?

I want to support you. So a Question: Can I purchase 5 Keys ?

Thank you :)

Do you have some Screenshot from the Project?


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Hi there, 

when I buy this, can I get a Key? A friend want to play this Game, but actually he dosen't have PayPal or  a CC. So when I buy this Game, I only can download it directly but I want to give my Friend a Key.

Btw... Actually I own this Game.  

Well. I can use it for a "Dream" Floor. :)

Thanks! :)

i purchase this. Can I used it in my Project?


Do you take comissions?

Looks very good. It will works also with MZ?

Well... some Damage Numbers, Chest Graphics and optional more exotic Tiles, like Mushroom Trees, Alien Plants...

Very Good Pack!

Looks very cool. Hope to see more Action Sequences in the Future from you :)

Well, that 's good to hear :)

Good Job! Hope to see more Sc-Fi/Cyberpunk Tiles :)

Very Cheap and beautifull Icons here. Hope you will make more Sc-Fi Icons in the Future. Like Grenades, Futuristic Swords, Augmentations etc... :) Good Work!

Thanks :) Btw: as Bonus you can write the Sequence Code, from the YT Video? Or maybe increase the pricing. Would be perfect :)

Well. Is it possibel to make this for MZ?

I send the Plugins via Discord.


No, I dont use this Plugins. 


I receive the Error !"TypeError"

Cannot read property "match" of undefined. 

That sounds good :) Btw... do you have Patreon?


thanks for the Answer. I use youre Modern Basic + Tiles in 48x48 px an need a some Police Stuff for a Police Department. Do you plan other Modern + Assest packs?


i like your assets so much :) I have a quick Question: It is possible to recreate you're free VX Ace Tiles to RPG MV? Maybe I can pay you for this.