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Really liked this.  Super fun animation style and good game feel.  Love the checkpoint system.

Love the animation style and just the feel of this game.  Super fun.

Incredible game.  Loved the art style.  Had great sfx and a catchy soundtrack.  All-around great game.

Super interesting article.  I love the gifs and how they really highlight the point you are making.  Without those, it would have been a very abstract conversation. But being able to see how the game is changed with those small improvements is really fascinating.

Great job guys!  This game turned out really awesome!  I love the progression curve.  The generator thing was a great idea to give you incentive to kill things and the ability to get down farther and farther.  Loved the dialogue too.  The music never got old and it fit really well into the theme of the game.  And I though the climbing animation was a really nice touch.

The image of all the colors you can get with dithering is actually really impessive. It is hard to believe that those aren’t just shades of cyan or magenta. And honestly, I didn’t even think about the eye strain that could occur with this type of highly contrasting palette. I was impressed with the art before, but now I’m super impressed. Thanks for sharing.