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Really cool, wishlisted the full game and will be keeping an eye on it! :) 

Really liked this one. Enjoyed the risk/ reward of the sonar. Loved the player's walk animation and thought the monster was really cool - added a nice bit of creepiness and made me really want to run away.

oh my god and the itch page itself is very cool.

Love the use of image to Bitsy, as well as the interaction and questioning menu, really stylish. 

Wonderful, filled with personality. I loved it.

Glad you enjoyed it thanks for playing!

Maybe one of my favourite uses of the bitsy engine I've seen. The visuals and audio are wonderful. The writing is wonderfully atmospheric. 

And oh my god the use of audio for your character's breath and how it changes is excellent.

all-round awesome

Liked the robots having visual feedback when trying to commit a movement they couldn't do - a nice bit of juice and feedback.
Having controls so visible at the start and throughout was very handy.
The puzzles were just challenging enough to feel good about finishing them but not so impossible someone might need a walkthrough. They all made sense. except 5 might be my puzzle solving roof lol.

I dont really have any suggestions for this one - the mechanics are cool, the art is nice, there's good feedback the puzzles seem well designed and the inclusion of a visible control scheme is welcome.

I didn't get past the first puzzle - after getting the stick I couldn't understand how i could use throwing to make the fire - whether I was supposed to throw the things on top or hit other things or something.

I'd also say that since this once doesn't include control instructions in the game, You should put control instructions in the itch page. I spent the first minute pressing all kinds of buttons presuming this was a button based game like the last before trying the mouse. Perhaps more explanation of the mechanical possibilities might help as well - I'm pretty bad at puzzle games and was really unsure what the abilities of my character were or what options I had at my disposal.

All that said its a neat idea and again the art is cool. I can tell its well made and includes some stuff that seems like its probably programming/scripting magic to me.
I like the idea of the mechanics but they might just be a little too unclear coupled with the lack of control instructions. 

Idk where you want feedback so I'll put it here 
I am a very bad clown Charlie - I could never even sink one ball so I dont think ive seen any other objects 

I will say I like the simplicity and the art, the characters face was a really nice addition. The indicator for the height the ball was and would bounce was a nice quality of life addition. 
also the costumes are v cool. 

The only suggestion that I could think of is that the tutorial area before you start, at least for me made it seem like shift and x were both for juggling and it wasn't till the second time round that I realised they were for each hand and it wasn't just a right handed clown. It could be me being an idiot but a symbol of each hand beside the shift and x prompts or aligning them over the left and right buttons rather than in the middle could avoid the issue.

I know there's more words for suggestions but the takeaway WAS positive :)

Holy shit YOU made Looking?
I really love this one. It was one of the many small games I looked at/ did tiny analysis of for a University project. The use of the phone screen as a world space is really neat.

This is dope as hell. Gonna for sure try this with friends.

Life lessons from a flame decaled truck. Wonderful.

I've been playing Jurassic Trespasser recently and I've come to appreciate the very strong trespasser vibes in this. I was thinking back to this when I played. 
Just wanna say again this is really cool. 

I played this demo on steam last summer I think. I found the page here right now and I just want to say how much I enjoyed the experience.
Wishing you all the best with development :)

This was great, loved the reliance on the voice and the sort of low-fi sense of mystery. Liked the use of ammo counter - I couldn't find enough things to run down the ammo to see if I could kill myself via dinosaur is that a possibility? 
I found the bitsy cat lol

Fun bugs become features 

Ive not seen many bitsy games that use navigation in cool ways or without a visible moving character.

This is really cool :)

Frankly, a masterpiece

I love the intro and the ghosts faces its so cool.

also I like that you called the exe something cool.

I love the trees they're so adorable and spooky.

Also I like the core idea - the countdown to an inevitable meteor is nice 

and I love the name, very cool!

Honestly a big fan of weird ephemeral things like this.
nice job

Really fun with some cool puzzle design.

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I thought this was really interesting. I think you wrote a really nice little story within the constraint of the 300 words that with the metaphors has a lot more juice in it that the length would suggest and can be reflected on after completing the experience.

Obviously comes from the heart and a personal place I loved how you put thought into how a sentient building would be thinking and what it would notice - It felt oddly believable. 

Seriously a really wonderful little game. A great idea executed brilliantly.

Great writing and use of twine as a faux adventure game 'use x with y' I really enjoyed it. Especially 'Use Man on Yourself'

Really nice and relaxing. :)

Just a neat idea in general.

Fantastic game, great soundtrack just feels amazing to play. I was a massive fan of Isolation's design and i'm really excited to see what you guys get up to next.