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This is the greatest file of all time, the main reason why this files are looking for love ones it because they have emotional feelings. (THEY ARE SO CUTE AHHH)

Yeah i know the kickstarter for there is no game has failed, but i was worried about the people who played fake version of baldi's basic on mobile and not paying his game on kickstarter, so we need more people to pay this game.

Everyone please support him on kickstarter, otherwise this game will not be a full game same thing goes to the popular game called "there is no game", so HURRY UP BEFORE IT TOO LATE.

Um, can you not see a changelog page.

Find and press the pink button that words "download" If it doesn't work then punch me in my face.

So this is a download version with gamemaker but what happened to your game from other website. (For example newgrounds, kongregate, etc) ?

I wish picOS 95 will be a final product.