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It should be in the download for a particular OS. Check inside the ZIP and you'll find it (I think).

Is there any chance of a Linux/Mac port?

I noticed that after leaving regions (cave, church, etc.), the regions go back to being dark (as if they had never been entered). Is that deliberate? I wasn't sure what had changed between attacking the orb and not.

Also, and this is more related to, but on the desktop app there doesn't seem (as far as I can see) any wrapping system to run commands on top of the game. For example, on Linux, to get the game to run with nvidia, I need to call primusrun <executable>. Would it be possible if, at least on Linux builds, the game entrypoint is a bash script? Something like


so that Linux users can modify it to include the their choice of wrapper?

Regarding the action-out-of-prompts - on occassion I find myself destroying things I don't mean to destroy and such. This could be trees or corn - I definitely think the immediate feedback is great, but perhaps for melee actions, it the animation doesn't actually cause things to be destroyed, moved, etc.

I haven't played multiplayer yet, but does the number of enemies or drop from trees/plants scale with players?

I'll keep an eye out for potential laptop keybinds.

Also, as of the last update, saving and moving to a new zone both work!

Great game - I've run into the same problem as Eas3r so far with the game failing to save (Linux 64-bit Intel, Nvidia GPU [more detail upon request]).

The guide at the beginning is awfully demanding - sometimes he moves and his "area of movement" circle actually confines me to a section of the base without walls. The solution was to select "move" then Esc, which seemed to delete the wall. First of all, is there a better way to remove placed items. Also, could the AI be somewhat more patient about waiting for the player to leave the area before moving back towards town?

The camera-pan-to-enemies after first reaching the base is somewhat slow to start. I thought it was the game freezing or being in an invalid state because while I could swing, I couldn't move.

I also noticed that some menu's asked for certain key-presses, especially to exit certain prompts (Shift when you first learn to build, clicking to attack/aim/shoot). It would be great if, while the prompts are visible, the actions are not done.

At least for me, exiting out of Options required pressing Enter not Space.

I was going to try manual saving but I had trouble finding it.

Again, fantastic game - I look forward to seeing where this goes (esp. with multiplayer!)