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Shame the dev never started a patreon or anything. I'd pay a few dollars for porn games like Super Deep Throat

Only watched video

I really like the art design, but it doesn't look like there's much to do other than "build in this order or better by x time". Even one choice of "you can build farms for low income easily, or you can process the grain for high income that must be balanced with farms" would make this a lot more interesting.

Program does not run on Windows 7, 32 bit version.

Nice concept though

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Not a bad little game, but it has a really rough start.

Starting the player with more brick and plating would be nice, as I wasted most of my initial plating just figuring out wtf to do.


Please reduce the number of ticks to produce something like brick, or start the player with more brick producers, as the early game is SO slow!

I am not sure what the point of the first 5 levels are.

Sure, level 1 shows us how to complete it -- but a big blinking yellow arrow or something to help me see what's what would have been nice. I spent a good 10 seconds just looking around and clicking.

Levels 2-5 just feel like different art assets for a bit, only after playing 6 and going back do I see that i was placing different tiles.


The difficulty ramps up way too quickly from 5 to 6, then 6 to 7.