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Thanks, glad you liked it. Yes, I recently reviewed the "Tenet", and thought that it's cool to implement such mechanics.

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Thanks glad you liked it. Yes, I think this can be made into a good full-fledged game, but I do not plan to continue this project as I am working on another one. There are no prizes in this jam. But, despite this, it is still very interesting and fun to participate in it.

Unfortunately I can't do it because I don't have VR. But there is a full-fledged game with the same concept in which there is support for VR, it's Scanner Sombre. 

Sorry for this. At what point did your game crash? Maybe you created too many points.

Thanks, i will fix it later. 

Thanks for playing. Yes, in fact, you can add a lot of interesting things here, but I did it as an experiment and did not want to spend a lot of time on this project.You can check game Scanner Sombre, it's a complete game with the same concept.I watched your video and I think you have a record for the number of dots.

Thanks, I'm very glad you liked it. It didn't really take that long, about a week.

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Thanks for playing. I can recommend the game Scanner Sombre, it's a complete game with the same concept. 

Hi, thanks, I've added a list of changes to the page.

Yes, but not much has changed. Minor fixes that don't affect anything.

But if you still have the updated version, you can see here how to unlock the second ending.

For some reason I had to delete the update.

Thanks for playing.  I'm glad that you liked the game and that you recognized the goose.

Hah, this is because your game has only one toilet, but mine has many.

Hello, your game is not working. You attached only exe file.

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback. I haven't updated the game and it's not a bug. Most likely, when you first walked through the tunnel, you stopped or looked around. If you just run, then you really can feel that no one is chasing you, because the worm does not have time to catch up with you. I think to fix and make the worm faster. Thanks again for you feedback.

I added to profile.

Hello, yes it comes on 32bit version.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked the car. 

Hi, you have a weird crash, i don't know why, but i will try to fix it.