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A Mother's Love community · Created a new topic Favorite

Hands down one of my favorite solo journaling games ever.

A truly wonderful game that will get you hooked on the story with its great writing and interesting cast.

Graphics: Good. I found myself spending time to admire the backdrops and the character designs are pleasing.

Gameplay: Well it's a visual novel, there's not much to say here is there? But I do appreciate the ability to toggle the 'guides'. Personally, I liked to play with them on.

Audio: Good. Definitely found myself headbopping to the music at times and it fit the story well.

Difficulty: Not really much dfificulty to speak of, though there are a couple moments where your choices really matter.
Story: Fantastic story! I was completely invested.

Game Time: Short. I finished this in three sittings, and I'm a pretty casual tier gamer.

Price: I definitely feel it's worth the price, especially taking replay value into account to get different endings and to see all the stories of each character.

Bugs: I didn't run into any myself.

Overall: 8/10. Didn't change my life, but I'd definitely recommend it to others.

Just putting it out there that'd I would love a module and would def buy one!