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Really? Yesss, that sounds awesome!

ooh i see, thanks for clarifying. I just think its sad because this game was so unique and  interesting (even though some things were off) , really thought they'd continue it. seems like that's not the case anymore...personally, i don't think take the risk was that good .. also thats not really a reason to drop beauty and the war because this would've been a major game

what do you mean?

this was just..WOW . I love everything about this. The atmosphere,the way how detailed you described the story, the graphics and the music. The music was such an important part and it was soon good! Keep up the amazing work!

Hey there,

first off: This was an amazing and unique experience and I can't thank you enough for that! Especially today when theres so many games that are alike..but yours truly stood out! The Atmosphere, the rain, the graphics, the music and the conversations were amazing and truly gave off this consoling solitude vibe. I love that everything was so chill and you really have to be patient to get to the end but it doesn't bother at all, instead it lets you sink in, into that story, and to just be. Truly amazing game, hope we'll see more of your games in the future!