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Putin? Pshhh, LAME! I'm the new president of russia now. FEAR ME AND MY SAUSAGES, FOOLS! 

Funny game, genuinely got me a couple times not gonna lie. 

10/10 amazing game epic gamer moment

Played your game for my video! Cool game, graphics are nice, I wish there was a bit more lore and context explained story-wise, but I like it! 

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The first game I played in my video! Graphically the game is nice, and the atmosphere was spooky, but the FPS was terrible, definitely needs some optimization, and there wasn't really much substance to the game. It would be cooler if it was more fleshed out. I think sirenhead shows up way too soon as well. There wasn't really much suspension and tension built up.

This was the second game I played in my video! It has a unique charm to it! It would be cool if there was more added to it in terms of gameplay but I liked it!

Awesome game! I love the art style so much! Definitely scared me a couple times too! I can't wait for the full release, I want to see how the story plays out! 10/10

I featured this game in my recent video! I like the concept and I especially like how there was little pieces of the lore shown in the newspaper, it made me want to find out more about the story. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game as I couldn't find the last item in Screen room 2, I think it might've bugged out as I checked every single chair multiple times to no avail. I think the monster might be a little too easy to avoid too as he wasn't really scary but more of just a nuisance. Besides that, I thought this was a really cool game, and I'd love to see a more polished version!

I played this game for my video! I like the atmosphere, and the game looks very nice! I got pretty creeped out when all the lights turned off! I'd love to see a full version with some more game mechanics! And I definitely wanna see more of the lore, like who is that entity?!

Had a fun time playing this! Made me laugh, and also scared me at times! I love how the map referenced some of his roles!

Fun little game! Definitely made me laugh! 10/10 would smash sirenhead again

I've never been more scared of a stock photo. Legitimately sent chills down my spine! The realtor guy (I named him Dylan) slowly popping into the screen was so unsettling. Cool idea for a game!

Fun little game! Cleaning the house was actually very relaxing and satisfying, although I couldn't find the last speck of dirt for 100%. I would love to see the final game with more features and gameplay aspects! 

super fun, very hard (or maybe i just suck)! great ambience and creative concept!

I played this game in the second half of my video, very creepy, definitely got some scares out of me! The 3D audio sounds really helped with the atmosphere, like when the shadow figure guy was whispering. Sent chills down my spine! It was especially unsettling when you open the laptop and see the dark shadowy figure walk across! 

I played this game for my video! The sound design for this game is great! The sounds of the twigs snapping around you really added to the atmosphere and seriously creeped me out! I wish there was more in terms of lore and backstory, like an explanation as to what that cult is or what the monster is, but for a game made in such a short amount of time its great!

Just upload another video about this game!

Fun, insanely scary and STRESSFUL game! Basically the perfect embodiment of working in retail! Never fails to scare me!

This game confused me a lot, I thought I was doing something wrong, but it seems like you just die sort of arbitrarily? Either way I really like the ambience of the game, it really captured that fear of walking home alone late at night. Hearing the footsteps and then turning around and not seeing anyone only to be grabbed was very freaky! I definitely wanna see where the game goes from here! 

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Very short, I would've enjoyed it more if it was longer and there were some more mechanics but I enjoyed the art style and I really didn't expect that ending! Left me wanting to know what happened to the village beforehand! I featured this game in my video, where I play 3 scary games!

Very short horror game, but it definitely has potential if expanded !  I would love to see a longer, more fleshed out version! I included this game in my recent video where I played 3 scary games!

Played this game for a video, really enjoyed it! The atmosphere when everything goes dark sent chills down my spine, and the ending part left me wanting to know more about the plot with the whole Paragon thing.

Not huge in the scare department but it was definitely a fun experience! Left me wanting to know more! Like what the hell was that weird thing on the rock at the end? But cool little game if you want an experience.

The video is my playthrough!

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Really love this game, insanely stressful and the atmosphere is amazing. The art style really lends itself to this. Seriously made me jump out of my chair MULTIPLE times! God damn baby!