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Sounds interesting, would that be shipping to the US only though? I know international is a disaster right now.

Sorry for the delay in replying. It doesn't look like clicking the files does anything, they're just text.

I don't believe that previous payments are counted for this. It only highlights the supporter version as an included file if I enter $15 for the new payment, not $15 minus my previous payment.

I haven't gone through with the payment, so it's not a complete test. I would potentially have two non-qualifying payments then :)

(It's not my jam)

Did the name get changed? I'm quite sure it had TTRPG in the name originally.

There's a proper rule there now anyway.

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To be fair, the name always said that. TTRPG = Tabletop RPG.

Plus you can look at submissions and see that pretty much all of them are exactly that.

Two important words in my post were "videogame" and "tabletop". Either way, it's not my decision.

I can't speak for whether it'll be removed as that's not at all my choice, but an essay on videogame design seems like an odd fit for a tabletop RPG showcase.

I've noticed people are submitting videogames to the jam. Some seem genuinely proud of their work and possibly misunderstood the jam. Others didn't even answer the submission question. I know some people just submit their game to every jam they can as a bad form of marketing (I've seen games with literally hundreds of jams in their submission lists).

The rules don't explicitly say tabletop games only, but I assume that was intended to be implied by the name of the jam?

A quick glance found these, just checking the ones that had a videogame-y thumbnail or no summary text: OOO, Lone Army, snake, Move with Moons, Blorb enters the eye of the universe, Inday, Finding Silly, Ari, CreepyBoratory, Croft Freezer, Space Battle, Box-ing

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! 

You should be able to shoot with as many dice as you have ammo for, so if you have 7 ammo then you could roll all 7 dice at once. That would be a bit wasteful though ;) The plasma mine does have a limit of 4 dice if that's what you were referring to?