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I think your game is pretty cool. What I liked more is the systematic felling he brings. Is a snake game, but you have the control to move backward and foward, that combined with the snake development in ever pace. This is a really simple and interesting game. Good job!

I liked the art and the music fits the game. And of course I liked the idea. Great job guys.

More and less on 10th day, three people survive and don't come more to see you to ask for more rations. So I "won" the game the two times I played. Also, after the 25th day you keep doing your job after survive with some of the population but no one come to see you :/

But this two things didn't bother the experience that this game brings.

Very fun game!
Very fun game!

I loved the music *--*

Graphics are cool. The walking is okay. The camera is the something that really needs to be worked in a future version.

It pains that is so small, but I obviously understand that is a result of a game jam.

Good job!