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seeing the list of things here I think a guide like the one for tavern of spear would be helpful for people looking to find specific scenes

depends on whether or not you count the balls out sprites as nsfw lmao

aside from the minor grammar mistakes, this fvn is great! love how the plot was done

looks like rotaeno

oop, this was the first one i wasn't able to recognize the species of immediately hah

it comes out in 2023, it will be on steam i believe and it will be the full game and cost money

you could do something like sileo where after the main story is completed side stories can be accessed for minor characters

heroes of the legendary sword and shield???? ayo?

if you're down to add more canines a lycanroc or mightyena would be cool

who the hell is downvoting every comment

august 15th is also kagerou day whats your point

hello! as i mainly play vns on android, i was wondering, is a port planned? if not that's cool as well.

this new title screen is such a glowup

holy shit finally mikko update this is so yass

he scrunkly

oh my god theres an english ver

ooh nice! 

shortening 15 days to 10 sounds like a good idea but considering their vacation is 2 weeks long I feel like maybe having filler days solely for progressing Robert's relationships could be a better solution? though, I have only just started so im not too certain what the premise of the rest of the game is

oh my god i just assumed cedric didnt have a route

heads up! the bad timeline splits itself on day 22 based on your path

fair enough, only asking because its strange for a vn to be mobile exclusive lol

is there anywhere that the creator actively provides updates on the status of this vn? the Twitter and Patreon are barren of activity

probably not

can I headcanon this to take place in nepal then

um, what's the issue with getting there yourself?

not a bad vn! however, I think you're in desperate need of some proofreaders. I'm noticing a lot of grammatical errors and unnatural dialogue starting around chapter 4.

ooka is male

aww that was so short i hope theres more soon

i mean you could just datamine it if you were that desperate

aaa i cant wait for the android update im going feral

as are the characters in this pic can i get an amen

Hi! out of curiosity, how difficult would it be to port this to RenPy?


nope, you get put on path b past day 12. and those are definitely spoilers

I feel like if we got the entire bad timeline at once at least a quarter of the playerbase would get some form of ptsd

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actually, you can! (at least, I think.) go to the application folder (should be under Android>Data) and replace the saves in your computer's app folder with those on your phone.

The reason why I'm not completely confident in this method is because I was able to successfully transfer my data from a computer to my phone through this, but I have not tested the other way around,

ah, I was under the impression it was complete and getting released in chapters. I see!

hello! how many builds will there be total?