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Oh. I was doing the wrong combinations, guess I hadn't done all I could.  I apologise.

I have  no idea what, if anything, I'm doing wrong... I've tried every combination of the first things available, and they are all incorrect.

Is it just the one pig story?  With the ending being that the dad pig and the daughter pig reunite.

Or is there more and its just not working for me

<3  I loved this. It was short and simple. Am I correct in that you got the idea from Melanie Martinez?  This was one of my favorite songs, and the artistic aesthetic I get from it is a really awesome combination of Melanie Martinez and Rusty Lake.  I have yet to play any other of your games, but I look forward to it. :)

   I'd love to see more games like this one! I can't get over how well made it is, and how well the themes work together.  <3