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The Dead Await Us community · Created a new topic Features

What are the features of this game?

This game is hevily based on story, we aim as a studio to envelop you into the characters, for a great experience.

Weapon customization

Very imited cut scenes so you can play more of the game (with the exception of the beginning)

Great voice actors

High polished lower manhattan to explore (when game is 100% complete)

We are working on a multiplayer system also. It will have up to 16 players on one server, and you get to play the entire map

Many multiplayer modes will be available

You will be able to drive vehicles around the city

You will also be able to ride wild animals, such as, lions, tigers, and bears

Also, imagine how cool it would be to mount a mini gun on a tigers back, riding it, while mowing down zombies (so yes this is in the game)

If the game is succesful, there will be many dlc's that expand the playable area of manhattan

You will be able to experiment with many different types of drugs, and each gives a different effect, and you will get addicted to some of them

Featuring an up and coming rapper, Clyde Cabbage (Yes he is real)

A big chunk of the buildings will have interiors

A wide variety of companions to meet, or kill

There will be a plehtora of side quests to complete, even after you finish the main quest

Flashback scenes of Alex will be apart of the game, as to give more light to his background

This game is all about choice, do what you want, we are making it to where there will be litte to no barriers, unlike most sandbox indie games.

*there are many more features, but I am just putting the main ones as to keep this comment realtively short