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I've tried collecting (and giving) the cakes, but nothing's happening? In one case I'm just endlessly running around the castle (with 4 cakes) and in another, I'm still on track to the personal endings. Is there something else I should be checking to find the secret endings?

Amazing submission to NaNoRenO!
The art is unbelievably cute - this whole pixel aesthetic is beautiful. The characters are great, I loved interacting with them (as a quite sassy Guinevere, no less :D). The literal chicken chase with the chef escape strategy adds an edge to the whole experience.

I've managed to get 5 endings (the romantic ones are so sweet!), but I can't figure out how to get the last two. (Will Guin manage to meet with Arthur in one of them? The intrigue!).
Can you please give a hint for the walkthrough? I'd love to catch all the endings :D

Very cute!
Had a fun time playing it

He does? :o Wow, I didn't even notice :D

Probably the order you're thinking of (as highlighted in bold), but everything should be backwards

+1 to the English language request :)

Great news! Looking forward to the extended version :)

I loved the hands of the witch in the UI and intro video - it's stunning! The art style is amazing. The face expressions are great :)
I'm so intrigued about the characters now! Especially Boggart, Julian, and Buzz Bee - they seem to hide a lot :D
I wonder if you plan to make something more in this setting - it would be very interesting to see it!

So sweet! I love your art style ❤️

Great game :)
Almost as stressful as the New Year party preparations themselves :D
I loved the art and all the little details! Like different hands giving a thumbs-up after different stages. Thank you for sharing Vietnamese culture and recipes :)

Чудова гра!

Сподобалося працювати редакторкою і дізнаватися щось нове про правопис. Детективний point-and-click також дуже крутий. Стилі графіки і письма на висоті. Вбивство розкрите 😎

Сподіваюся, колись буде продовження :)

Amazing! I love the premise and your writing style (and isekai, hehe), so I'm looking forward to the updates :)

I was kinda stressed on the day itself, but I've played "Rapscallions on Deck" yesterday - it lifted my spirits :)

Дуже дякую :)

Не користуюся твіттером, тому дочекаюся завершення голосування

Зрозуміло, дякую за відповідь :)

Виглядає дуже цікаво :)
А версія на MacOS буде?

Вітаю з релізом!
Чи є плани випустити гру на MacOS?

You're so nice!

Thank you very much, have a happy Valentine's yourself <3

That sounds awesome :)
Best of luck with completion of the game!

I'm very excited for the otome that has healthy relationship dynamics!
That's an amazing idea

No, I can't open it. Thanks for trying to publish the Mac version, anyway :)

Checking :)

Great news! I will be waiting for that :)

Great news! Looking forward to the DLC

Can I help you with testing? :)

Is there any chance it'll be released for Mac?

Haha, thank you :) Likewise!

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It's a rather sad book, tbh. In the ideal world, honesty and vulnerability should be good moves :)
It doesn't seem like that if you look at the fictional events that transpire there, though

I hope you don't find it obnoxious that I've drawn a parallel with "Princess of Cleves" :D
It would be rude to assume that you've read it just because you're French 😅 It was just an association :) 
(probably generated by the topic of attraction for someone outside a committed relationship (and yeah, maybe my brain caught the French language option; which is something I applaud - I'd like to make games in English + Ukrainian if I'd ever make some))

That's the nicest typing game I've ever seen!

I adore your drawing style! It's chic and cosy :)
The topic of the game is also important too - I'm glad that options with honesty and vulnerability end well here (unlike the "Princess of Cleves" :D)
Thank you :)

I was a bit apprehensive to start the game (topic of loss is quite heavy for me)
But you've handled it so splendidly that I was left only with warm smiles in the end
Great game! Thank you :)

Awesome game! I loved all the jokes that came from mixing noir and elementary - it's hilarious :D

Memes! :D

So heartwarming ❤️
Amazing game, it made me smile a lot :)
And even chuckle, when the "it's an honest job" and "cold never bothers him anyway" moments happened :D

Thank you for this great work, looking forward to the treat that Rye's (and maybe even Briar's 👀) route will undoubtedly be

Heartwarming story and SUPERB art (and characters, and the adorable font), thanks for this treasure :)
I hope there will be more Audrey or Grumville adventures afoot :)

This is an awesome demo :) Cool concept and great likeable characters, I was really invested in the story

Looking forward to the full version!

P.S. substitute teacher is sus, totes an evil alien >:P

The CGs where Odyssey is showing his wolf(?) self :D But the PreOdyssey Theater is cute too!

I also have to compliment you on the diversity of the endings, it was very rewarding to search for them :)

Hehe, done ;D The ones with chibis are so adorable! ^_^

It works! Thank you for the help :)

Thanks, I'll try that. Which ending is the main ending?