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I don't think you are still missing the 9th CG (either you found it, or moved on :D), but it can be obtained by missing romance routes and eloping with Frederique in the night before announcement. Also, it does not matter if you were chosen to be prince's bride - though if you did, the reaction is quite good :D

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Just finished playing - it's hilarious :D You guys did simply great! Separate appreciation waves for the GUI artist~ Gru's Master Plan mode is also very enjoyable :)

Thanks for making the game! Really cheered me up :) Would be great to play your other games (as fun as this one :D) in future!

Played the game for a while, it crashes on sandwich purchase (you forgot to define Sandwich variable at the start) Other than that - haven't played much, but the  story and characters are everything but stereotypical, and that's certainly fresh :)

I'll be looking forward to updates! ^-^

Hi :) The game is very nice, the best thing probably that the story is very relatable :D Though I doubt anyone has motivating AI... (It would be nice though :D) I love your art and I'll be waiting for the second half! (Cliffhangers kill me T_T)

P.S. I believe there is something not right with sprites of AI and MC not showing near the end of the game. (Maybe it's meant to be this way, I'm sorry to bother you >_<)

That's great to hear!

*sending inspiration and support waves*

The game is awesome! Congats on you first Ren'Py game :)

Your art and GUI design are very cute, I just loved them! <3 As about storytelling - personally I don't mind it being linear. It's how detective stories work, isn't it? :)

I'm looking forward to your new stories with Darcy and Lester! (I hope there will be more ^-^)