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I had the windows version be played in browser and webgl be downloaded XD 

oh must av been a mistake I was kinda tiered when uploading the game thank you anyways 

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We were trying to making something that would stand out 

But I didn't have enough time plus the fact I had school and my pc took like 10+ hours to bake the lights

thx for the feed back tho

the cheat we gave was just for fun the cheating was meant to be the stuff you buy.

You buy it from a shady trader who sells glitches


i played it good job pretty cool game

cool game

btw i just realized i already did XD

the game was pretty good simple but good

cool game pretty simple but good

there was actually a sound for shooting but me being dumb I forgot to add it and now looking back at it , it could have been a disaster cause you can spam and that will prob make you deaf XD.  

Anyways thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback

I will try it out when am free

wait wt 2 yeah I will try to find the other one and play it

pretty sure just making a unreal project with a cube would kill my pc :)

the game doesn't work i dont know why

soo um yeah my pc is a potato and cant run it XD


I had too Google how the bat sees :) 

Thx for the feedback 

ummm thx for the feedback that's a long comment XD just something to clarify we wanted you to not see some stuff so you kind of have to go near them and shoot em before you get stuck/die

I will 

cool game the music is pretty good too 

i dont understand anything but cool i guess

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thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing the game hope you enjoyed it


thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback

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amazing game

cool game couldnt see the whole screen tho :|

great game great idea great art

cool game very simple buy very good creative idea nice music and nice art

cool game i like the music

cool game could have used more work tho

cool game i couldn't see some stuff tho but other than that its good

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yeah the bat was meant to get stuck and meant to be the hardest one idk why both r and escape dont work cause they do for me 

edit : seems that lvl2 didnt have it soo i will be checking all the lvls and see btw to go to the next lvls go to the door at the end and press E

oof thats the same res as mine

great game the lights looks good there were two spikes next to each other the first one was safe if t was retracted the other one would kill you anyway but other than that great game