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Kenya Smith

A member registered Dec 31, 2021

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I love the dark turn the game took.

Awesome game!

I almost ended the game when I got to the clock. It took me a lot of tries to finally get in the clock's door. Overall a good game. :)

For a game made less than 48 hrs, it was fun and cute. :) Short and sweet.

I love the impressionism art of this game. :) One of my favorite art styles. :)

Thanks :)

I got ending 1/3 (when you punch Emma), and I also got 3/3, (when you eat candy, Emma.  What is the 2/3 ending? 

I love the analog horror. :)

Incredible game!

Fun and cute game!

Wonderful storyline! I would definitely play this game again in the future. :)

One of my favorite stories by Poe. :)

I turned into John Wick when they killed my dog. 

Such a wonderful and fun game!