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Cool game! I love the racoon and how cute he is. Also it is quite challenging, but still fun. One of my favourites on so far!

Nice graphics, but I wish it was more of a game, not just pressing buttons to cast a spell. Still it was fun to play!

Once I figured out how to play the game (moving with the arrows and sticking out the tongue to catch the flies), it was actually really great game and fun to play! I love the graphics, simple yet good looking. Also this is very original game concept to me, never played anything like this before I think. 

I wish there was an option to re-stick the tongue again midway while the frog is sticking it back, though it would make the game easier. Great job to you and your friends!

Thank you for the appreciation, Ekim! I will consider making more levels in the future :)

Thank you Ekim for playing, the feedback and the useful tips! 

Thank you very much for making time to play and comment! Also thank you for the useful tip with music and good job for finding an enemy bug - I'll have to fix that. Have a great day!