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Thank you for the reply!  I also stumbled across the Steam Community page for World of Horror just recently and found a link to the same spreadsheet.  Should I assume that you're more active there than here?

So, after playing through the game a few more times, I noticed that it will constantly go back and forth from deleting progress in the Events Index and Bestiary to restoring things back to the regular numbers after finishing a playthrough (or exiting game).

So the Events and Bestiary progress deletion isn't permanent but it does still irk me. :/

I only noticed this after playing through Endless Mode a few times but my Events Codex and Enemy Bestiary lost a lot of percentage.  At first I though it was because a lot of extra stuff was added to increase the total amount of encounters, etc.  But I clearly remember my old percentages to be in the high 80s and now my Events Codex is down to 29%.  My Enemy Bestiary is only down to 60% but still.

Is this supposed to happen or did I just hit a bug or something.

Also, during Endless Mode, I encounter the Ribcage Woman a few times and after like 2, my next encounter with her had her sprite swapped with the Glitched Magician's sprite, only he wasn't glitching.  Nothing serious here; still wooped him but I thought it'd be something to mention while I'm making a topic here.