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Is there a difference if you pick a different answer when you have the chance to confess? Will it derive a route where the other confesses instead? I was just wondering since Hikaru says he will take care of it himself with his idol ways so I just curious

how do you meet kei again? I don’t know how to get his ending - I met him once and then didn’t see him again so I assumed to just skip to the seiyuu award where I just got the ‘where to next?’ Ending and didn’t win the award idk what to do 

Thank you!

I have found Kaede, But where is Kei?

I got them all except the finger licking one oof lol

I’m pretty sure body hair wasn’t added in this game since the reward wasn’t reached

It usually always happens if you get the best ending with them, for Hikaru and Shuu, Haato moved in with both in their respective routes on their endings. (I haven’t done the others yet but assume it is the same)

Ah!! Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate it! I promise to inform you of the results once I wake up and test it with Touchan!

What chibis am I missing and how do I get them? I’ve done Shuu’s and Hikaru’s Routes yet those are the only chibis I’ve managed to get during sexual intimacy 

Thank you! I finished Shuu's route so I wasn't sure :)

how do you find/unlock the secret characters? I can’t find them anywhere