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still dissapointed bout not having the uncensored setting on android..

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i hope he'll add that option, I'm dyin to see the top husbandos go bottom.. :3

I looove doc shen/loro! But damn, I already have Razix as my 2D husbando. But then again shen's route is really amazing, the romance is just right, the sex scenes just right (it's actualy idealistic for me lol) what else could i ask for? thanks for this Rob! 

the 2nd CG with R-Ra....Rah...zix.... i-is daht.. d-the when y-you p-played him ra-raahyt thing???? 0_0

AHHHH! That's awesome I'm so excited! 😍😍😍😍 

The new interface is sooo cool!!! 

I thought the ending CG for Razix also includes 'that' scene (the when u played him right scene), but still it's worth to see razix in a different angle 0w0 Thank you for it Rob you're the best!

It looks so coooooool 0w0

I don't want to spoil you but, razix is actualy the best boi imo! He ranked S in my waifu tier list >:3 And u will love him more if u played him 'right' 😉

Oh I probably didn't pay too much attention while playing that route! Actualy Kol didn't really gave me a permission to wander around the ship! You see I choosed to "ask for help" route (the scene after recieving transmission from the pirate) , kol didn't mentioned anything bout "letting me wander unchaperone".  I tried the scene again but this time, i choosed the "show concern", that's when kol mentioned the letting me wander unchaperoned. So in the end there's no problem at all. I'm so sorry! I probably gave you a hard time thinking about it! 

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I found something different in Kol's route where Yoshi woke up and found kol missing on his bed inside the med bay, then the game will let me choose whether to look for kol or just wait for him. Well in the past version (0.70), if u choosed to look for kol, the game will let you explore the ship and look for kol then, u'll find him in the.. uhm where was it? The deck where u can stargaze. Then you'll find him in there and u guys will have a talk . But in the latest version (0.75), it won't let you explore then yoshi will go like "I don't have the permission to explore, they might throw me thru the airlock if they found me wandering around", something like that. I want to check if you really changed that part or is it a loop? I don't know but it feels like it looped back to the days where yoshi can't wander the ship without escort yet. UwU

It's not released yet

ahhhh!!! Even tho it's just a small update it still excites me! 

The God has spoken! 😱 I thought u wouldn't notice it. Thaaaanks!

Thanks! ;)

too much love for razix! Can't get him off my mind so I decided to draw him!

Me too! I love how silly and sweet he is!

Oof I hope u make a lot of CG's not just the hot scenes, I love the story, it's not too short yet I'm still looking for something but I can't tell what is it. And I love raziiiix!!! UwU