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Thanks! Space games like this are my favorite so I'll keep an eye on this one

This is such a cool concept!

Nice! I got softlocked on hole 4 after my ball ended up on the other side of the hole (and I couldn't move through the hole and there was no way to get to the other side) so maybe make sure there's some space around the hole to navigate. (or I need to be a better shot)
Also check out my minigolf roguelike as well:

Also, how do you make repairs?

I really like the concept! I wish there was an auto-run (ctrl+direction until near a wall or something happens?) as the ship is pretty big. Unfortunately my game crashed when shooting a second torpedo at a pirate ship

I like the concept a lot but I'm having issues playing the game. Can you have the arrow keys and/or the wasd control the menu? I get stuck in the upgrade character menu -- esc just exits fullscreen and hitting the menu button again doesn't seem to close the menu either

Windows Defender / Chrome is unfortunately flagging the file as having a virus for me on Win11 :(

I'm not convinced that the final level is winnable XD

I really enjoy this! I like how each dragon is a little different. One issue though is sometimes you spawn in a bad location and its gameover time 

Do not kiss the sun :( and boy can that snail zoom!


Thank you!

Unlike Rimworld, random moves aren't a big advantage in chess 😁 thanks for the kind words, my last few jam gamea really lacked polish so that was a focus of this one. I'm hoping to add mobile support this week!

I've updated the ui slightly based on feedback here -- I made it easier to see when your pieces can be moved and added a little 'in-check' indicator to help with king snipes. Because of the way works, I've archived the original Jam version here if you'd prefer to rate the original submitted version:

Thanks for your feedback! I'm hoping to add a little exclaimation mark above the king or something to indicate that they are in check / danger, and I'm talking with an artist to remake the pieces so that the King looks like a King, etc.!  

Thanks! Your kind words are definitely keeping me motivated to improve it. There's lots of other good games in this jam too that I hope you find and enjoy :D

Thanks! Do you think it will help if your pieces flash when they are ready, or do you have an idea?

I'm kind of embarrassed by this because everyone seems to want a top to bottom board 😅

You can set the rules so the movement time is slower... or faster!

I'll add an option for the board rotation! I like the check warning option and the flashing is a good idea too

My son (who's much better at chess than I am) went back and forth on which way the board should go and maybe I chose the wrong one XD I'll add an option!

That market sure is volatile!

What license are you offering this under?

I'm happy you made the birds split every so often, that really livened up the game. I think the auto gun caused me to lose points as I got too excited XD -- 59 is my high score. I also liked your instructions in pseudocode


As you requested, I added zooming in/out to the 1.03 build. Good thing I didn't do it in the jam because it took about three hours XD

Ideally yes you'd start with a smaller, simpler ship with a better difficulty curve, but, you know, 72 hours :)

Moon 2 is the apex predator of the galaxy... great game! Consider adding some particle effects for some easy gains. One level had a lot of space debris that was random and it felt unfair that they would swing by and take me out.

I'll just assume I won then 😃

Yes I'd like to add zooming out but I ran out of time. Hopefully for a post-jam update. 

The zombies tricked me and I died!

The zombies tricked me and I died!

agreed! and maybe a little cheater coyote jump too!

I wish I could give you more info, I was just driving and cutting grass near the edge, and everything stop and froze.


I think I became the bullet hell at the end with all of my powerups haha

I think I became the bullet hell at the end with all of my powerups haha

The text after defeating the enemy is so quick I can't read it

I think I won? I'm not sure. I couldn't go further right. I love the shapes and colors.