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Flo looks at Lyn, wondering what he’s thinking


Can you review my oc?

Name (Nickname): Flo or Flo-ocity

Age: 500 Centuries Old

Gender: None but takes form in a feminine body.

Race: N/A

Build/Body Type/Physical Frame: Shapeshifts into any body shape

Height: 7’11” in most common form

Weight: 0lb

Skin: Some kind of liquid (MCF)

Hair: Liquid that resembles hair

Eyes: Liquid pouring out of them, Black and White

Habits: Scares others way to much

Gestures/Mannerisms: Small

Demeanor/Carriage/Gait: It Carries itself well and structured

Voice: Mute/N/A

Style: Doesn’t have one

Clothing: NO CLOTHES >:)

Loves/Favorites: Seeing humans happy

Hates: War, seeing humans be violent or stupid

Hobbies: Watch over humans

Talents/Skills: Murdering evil spirits :)

Hopes/Dreams: To be at peace with the humans

Fears/Nightmares: Never being able to meet humans up close and become friends with them.

Best quality: Seeks good in everything

Greatest Flaw: Sees good in everything

Character Strengths: Physically and mentally sound.

And the coinciding weaknesses: is insecure about it.

Quirks: Unintentionally funny, weird

Most valued possession: Planet Earth

Darkest secret and/or treasured memory: Killing her mother.

Most proud accomplishment and or greatest failure: failure- Killing her mother?? Idk

Current motivation: Greed, power, love, lust, revenge, money, to win/come out on top, hate, freedom, survival? Humans

How does he/she view the future and/or the past? Horrible.

What is his/her philosophy on life and death? You need death to live.

What kind of energy level do they usually have? perky, somber, tired, aggressive, pumped, mood swings? Tired

How does he/she show and/or handle: love, affection, grief, pain, anger, sadness, conflict, change, loss? Anger.

Does he/she have a temper? If so, displayed actively or more passive aggressively? Yes, actively.

How does he/she respond to the surrounding world, the ‘unfamiliar,’ and other people in general? Empathetic, judgmental? Polite or rude? Depends.

Stingy or generous? Your choice to decide of what. Generous.

What kind of ‘public’ face does he/she display? Put up a front, open emotions, two faced Leader or a follower? Doesn’t go In public.

More happy by themselves or in a group? Alone

Does he/she have any addictions/dependencies/fixations/fetishes/ or other strange behavior? No

Intelligence Level: 210 Iq

Short Term Goals: N/A

Long Term Goals: Become friends with humans

Family: Dead

Friends: N/A

Backstory: ????

Physical Strength: Very good

Coordination/Reflexes: Medium

Fighting Style: Planned

Unusual Abilities/Powers: Can blow strong winds from its mouth, Can spew liquid from it’s hands, shape-shift into anything that is physically there.

Weapons/Other Gear: two spears.

You’re good

Flo nodded


Flo gives Lyn a few small crystals as a gift

Flo crawled in the space leading to a huge cave.



Just no

Uhm- bro- even though she is century’s years old- she has the mind on a small 10 year old-

They arrive at a small crawl space filled with crystals.

Flo let go and waved Lyn to follow it.

*Flo was happy and wanted to cherish this moment forever *

*Flo smiled *

It’s gonna be okay, I’m here for you

Flo parted the liquid on her face to form what looked like lips and mouthed “Thank You”


Awh… I’m sorry. They’re in a better place I promise

Cute 😊

Flo was amazed and gave a tight hug to Lyn.

(That is amazing)

Human flowwwww eeeeee

Flo gives a thumbs up and pats Lyn’s head.


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Flo nods it’s head no. Flo signs, “but I do know sign language.”

Flo nodded and gave a thumbs up

Flo was amazed by the color and stood there, astonished.

Flo turns back into its form and nods happily

Flo looks at Lyn confused

Flo let go, shapeshifting into Lyn.

Flo smiles- (or at least try’s to with no mouth.

Flo picks up Lyn’s bag and taps their shoulder reluctantly.

A pillar falls and is heading towards Lyn but a figure flashes by, the pillar suddenly bursts into millions of small peices.

*The rail tracks start shaking and pillars start crumbling *

You please

1st, 2nd is scary

Why? :(

Gud, you?

You’re constipated-