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These are soo cool! I'm creating a huge game with these assets. I got about 700 wishlists in less than a month. I'll of course credit you :)

Amazing as always! I'll try to purchase with the snowy one in the future. Here is my game by the way :)

Awesome, as always :)

looks kinda sus

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haha, you can maybe make the ice (or water) another bluish element like crystal or something.

wow, great art! The animations are soo clean! I'm wondering what the remaining elementals are. Especially the purple one in the logo. I hope that there'll be a king-like evil character, I need that one for my game xD

En beğendiğin olması cidden çok büyük bir mutluluk bizim için. Oynadığın için teşekkürler!

Teşekkürler, beğenmene sevindik!!

Haha, benimde favorim orası :=)  - Mert

Beğenmene sevindik!!


Çok teşekkürler!

blokların başta hareket etmesini bilerek çeşitlik sağlaması için koymuştuk fakat oyunun temposunu biraz düşürdüğü için haklısın. Bunun dışında beğendiğin için sevindik :)

Yeah, winter would be nice.

Thanks, really appreciated!

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Hey, amazing pack! Is it possible for you to add a dash animation and a downward attack animation (like up air and normal air attacks) in update 1.4?

can you send the link only to the character?

Hello, can we purchase only the character without purchasing the GothicVania Bridge pack?


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Wow! I can create a whole game from these sets. This is just  gorgeous, well done.

Hey, I purchased the character 3 month ago. Can I use this in the splash of my game?

Wow! The quality keeps increasing. I'll be waiting for every set to be complete and purchase all at once. Also, are you planning to add new biomes like dessert, cave or snowy mountains, etc?

Thank you, I'll be here waiting for the other sets! 

Hey, great art like always! I'll be going to purchase this one. Are you planning to continue drawing "SideScroll Worlds" pack? If so, how many sets will be out there? Lastly, when the set is completed, will there be a package for purchasing all sets?

Thank you, looking forward to it!

Hey, awesome assets! I started building a metroidvania game using your assets. Are you planning to add new enviroments like this in 32x32 format?

Cool! Here are some ideas:

Crouch walking (with and without guns)

Double jump 

Pushing, pulling, and holding objects

or maybe new skill animations 

I'm working on a new game with these assets now and this character is just amazing! Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey Clembod, if you're planning to add new animations can you add a double jump flip animation?

Teşekkür ederiz!

All right, I'll be waiting for the animations. Currently, I started to create a metroidvania and this character is the main character of the game :)

çok teşekkürler, beğenmenize sevindik.

Hey, amazing work. If you have time can you extend the asset? Maybe adding double jump animation (like somersault in the air) or new skill animations etc.