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Unfortunately it didn't work but thank you for trying to help and also I will just play through it again since the game has been changed up quite alot since also now you get a freebie sex scene at the start of the game which is pretty cool 

I can't use my old saves, it says ''ERROR:Incompatible save version" :< does it mean that every update we have to start from the scratch?

Why are you talking about yourself in a third person? 

Is it possible to somehow unlock all timebased events now?

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Is there a way to have sex with npcs?

How to receive a selfie from other girls

is there any way to raise affection with npcs quicker?

The characters look great, it's a shame that they look so different in the h scenes tho :c

never mind it works even without the timer being visible 

and both of the options don't take me anywhere I'm just stuck in a loop 

What if you picked virgin option and there's no timer?