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Very nice game. We love Shrek.
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Not even 2 minutes in, and already scared myself lol. Very good game, definitely exceeded my expectations going in馃槀

Wow, what a good game. Scared the soul out of me tho.

I just beat the full chapter 1 of this game, and I gotta say... this game is amazing!! Very fun and challenging experience, would highly recommend anybody to play! Even though the game is challenging, it is also fair. Now all there is left to do is to wait for further chapters...

Hey bro, you might wanna change the average session from a few minutes to a few hours, because dang this game is awesome, but definitely challenging! I would recommend this to anyone

Oh dang, inkscape is actually good, I might use this! 

He does not own the graphics, but if you wanna make some 2d graphics, try GIMP or Krita.

Photoshop is good too, but it is not free

This game most definitely got me by surprise, I really enjoyed it! I scared myself too...

I enjoyed the game, it was different, special and also fun!

Was a cool, creepy and fun experience, definitely enjoyed it!

Game was cool and interesting, I might have struggled just a tiny bit to understand it in this video

Had tons of fun playing this game!

I enjoyed it! The game was good, funny and short.