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Hi! I finally recorded this game and pups are so cute!

That was spooky because of atmosphere. Really good! I love games like this.

That was really interesting idea and pretty good realization! So atmospheric and creepy...

Artstyle is really good and story looks creepy. I hope you'll make more games like this!

That was soooooooo atmospheric. Realistic sounds are really good. 

But I missed jumpscare because I was holding the camera.

That was spooky. And amazing. I hope you'll make more horror games like this one.  

(I created some story while playing it, I hope it's ok)

That was atmospheric. Spooky. Tense. Really like this. Also beautiful. Open ending is perfect. Also good choice of short-film for the base.

Good luck :)

Hi! I actually played this game and style is so creative! (but music is too repetitive)

I hope you'll do something bigger (maybe some house chores game in this style?) 

More in my video :)


This demo is really cool, I like lights (but flashlight seemed too weak, dunno if this is good or bad) and sound and creepy story!

I can't really relate because my cat don't do this but game is really good ! I wish there was more levels

I finally tried this game and went from general shark to funny peaceful to ultimate flying killer! Amazing :)

I didn't think that this game will be spooky and funny at the same time x) Good game!

After nearly year I played demo and ... I didn't feel good x)
Something is really wrong with this game.

Dunno why I didn't find this game earlier because this is really good idea! I even did a small sketch near the end :D

That was hard and funny and broken, I really like this!

After seeing this game a lot of time I decided to try it by myself and...I like it :D

This idea is really good! Gonna wait for more story :)

This atmosphere is amazing! That idea is so good!


This game is really good (also had some small bugs) and I hope I'll finish it one day:D

I had really good time but broke this game not one time :D

It would be really cool if in this cool game was coop mod, but I still like this

This game is so atmospheric and full of mistery, I really like this story. 

This game is really funny and slightly hard (especially when you're not thinking). Totally recommend.

I'm in love with sounds and mechanics of this game! That was so creepy and atmospheric. 

(1 edit)

Really funny game if you need to spend some time :D

Creepy mannequins as I like  :D really nice game, opinion in this video

I had really nice time playing this small story :)

That was really funny and slightly hard (nearly raging sometimes)

Really weird and good horror, I'm happy that there was no jumpscares. And style is interesting, like this stuff!

Really liked the demo, cool puzzles!

(demo) That was creepy, good looking and also hard (this bridge, why...) I'm thinking about buying whole game when my computer will be better. Great work!

This game was so creepy with this feeling that something is outside and waiting for player. And graphics with sounds are so good! 

Really liked this story, good  spooky mistery!

This game is creepy and funny at the same time. Relly good idea.

That was funny and creepy for me. Especially because I was playing at night and at this time I must be quet :D Really like this game!

Really like this concept, hope will see full game soon!

(being bad is more fun)

Really like this game, but it's shorter than I thought. Hope we'll see more levels. Good luck!

This game is actually really pretty and relaxing. 

 But I slightly broke it (you can see this in my video)