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Cool. Yeah that is much more intuitive for me to play. Almost got through the third level

Wow this game has a lot of content! Was fun exploring and the enemies scared me a few times when I didn't see them approaching.

Cool! I really like how the map fills in as you move. The lighting and shadows really help make it look creepy.

This is really neat! Really like that there is so much vertical complexity with staircases and walkways going under other features in interesting ways.

This is very relaxing. Would be nice if you could navigate with the arrow keys too.

Nice work! The stories seem to make more sense relative to other story generators.

The map looks great! The city layout made sense and it was fun to drive around. I got stuck a few times when I ran something over or rolled the car, might be nice to add a way to reset to a valid position.

This is really neat. I like that it produces so many different patterns without looking too random or asymmetric.

This looks like a fun project! Seems like the turns going from north -> east don't line up with the circles all the way. I really like how intricate some of the maps get.

The art is really good!

This is neat! The ground ambient occlusion and vignetting are nice touches. Makes it look like a photograph.

this is awesome! really like how the rivers look.

This looks cool! Would be neat to watch it grow in slow motion.

Really like the art for this!

This is really fun! I like the concept and the art. The map moves a lot when moving the cursor which is a little disorientating. Would be curious to see how it feels with that movement toned down a bit.

This is fun to play around with. Couldn't figure out exactly what all the parameters do but still got some neat patterns.