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Are you saying that you don't accept friend requests My nickname is kcayie

A robotic revolution, an astronaut discovering alien life, a space bar Can we talk more about discord or something?

Can we talk and discuss things, or would you just like to create the music and I'll do the rest?

Just ideas on the jam theme

Your music really sounds like a game, I know a little about programming and drawing, so we can make some games together

It's good, but there are some parts that I don't know where to go, and the music is good, but it gets boring listening to the same songs. Besides having moments where there is simply no sound, I don't know if it's on purpose or if there's a bug

Very good, good jo

Headless Horse Jam community · Created a new topic theme?

What is the theme? he is not showing

Hello, I would like to create something, call me on discord to chat Kaii#0368

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Sure, call me discord Kaii#0368

Damn unrequited feelings, I cried

I would love to participate in the jam, but as I don't know the program, I can't do it alone. So if anyone needs a 2d artist.

some of my drawings,

Ah, cara, adoraria que isso fosse ficção. Eu finalizei o jogo chorando, de odio principalmente, mas apesar dos pesares bom jogo