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hope you all are doing okay! ty for the update and i hope things get better for u all:)

Your suppose to start new saves it says that as well in the description 👍

Yay my fav!

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will any of your games ever come out on steam

ty! i love it too

And the female is still being worked on so she is buggy, once the male is done she will have a lot of focus:) (she still is being worked on though)

The mods are outdated

Theres a perk to slow it down, i think its a marketing one lool

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Well when the full game comes out it wont be a "free game" hence a lot of devs use patreon to get support to continue making games and to me micro transactions are something that u have to pay IN the game, and which are FREE games, the full game will not be free:)

You cant be rich

its all really random

ty for doing a translation

tbh yeah i was gonna buy the game until they said we have to pay for EACH update for me this would be the only game that ever does that, and to take into account they get money from patreon monthly idky everyone has to continue paying for updates its iffy but meh

how long will the full game be? or is that unknown

is this abandoned? the patreon isnt working anymore either

For the golden bunny code its - Futa

That's why it's corrupted it's highly recommend to never use old saves and always start new,  so you'll have to delete alllll 78 and probably reinstall the game

mhm means u finished all the routes

are u using an old save?

the game is early access so ofc u have to start a new save all over if not then just dont play the new versions then ezpz

uh lol he will once he is done being worked on like fully done and probably once female mc is fully finished too so she can be impregnated but plz be patient 

And 949 just released- loool

lol wrong place to say that at

No,  when full release is out it will be

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That was discussed but once female mc is done it'll be worked on/added in the polls (since the female mc should be allowed to be pregnant) but rn male mc is full focus as he needs to be done

If u have a lot of rnpcs on mobile its not rlly good

Its recommended to not use her, as the male mc isnt done once he is she will be fully worked on

I will be doing one soon:) huge maybe though since Christmas is close


Hm...tbh that's really weird I'll have to test that out and turn off my wifi, maybe it's because...there's like a cloud save? But yeah I assume when full game comes out then it will be offline too, but I'll test that out

Well its early access, please report the errors here or in discord so it can lessen out

And would u like at that:)

Well most games that i have mostly use mega, so please be glad theu are planning on using n alternative

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yyeaa? mega doesnt ask u to pay unless its for storage if ur out of it, your the first person who has said this

i will probably do a giveaway for the new version for christmas please join the discord

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there are free versions but for the very recent ones they are not free, the dev has to pay the artist and the ppl who help him out, and to add more content in the game so it will be good for steam

it is planned, but rn it isnt out yet:)

aww tyy but that fully goes to kaito the dev, i am just a mod to make sure things go right in his itch io and discord:)