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Thanks for playing!

I should definitely have been more obvious about the controls. I'm stumped as to why you found they didn't work ingame, I've tested on both windows and mac, but maybe it's a window focus thing. For my next jam game I'll make sure to prioritise making an intro screen with controls.

I'm super psyched you did end up playing it using the on-screen controls though, as that's "The way it's meant to be played" :-)

Glad you liked it!

Yeah, I think you're right.

I feel it would be cheating to change the game after the deadline, so I'll keep it in mind for future jam projects.

The way I've made all my menus, I had to build up the UI system from scratch as I wanted it to be tile based like the rest of the game. It was part of my goal to make a navigable menu that allows you to start, restart, quit, as well as view controls, but I didn't get around to it in time.

I hoped for a game jam it'd just be a minor thing, especially because of the buttons on the gameboy itself, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for next time :-)

I had a blast, and learned lot of new tricks. As my first solo gam, it's been a great way to challenge myself and learn something new in areas I've never spent time before (especially graphics and UI).

So please, if you have any more feedback, feel free to dump it on me :-) It's the only way you know how to improve and do better next time.

I was notified by a friend that the controls were not immediately obvious from the submission page, so have now copied it over from the game page to here:

- The digital pad (Arrow keys) to move the cursor

- B to enter the selection menu

- A to place objects

- C to zoom closer to the GameBoy screen.

- Q to quit.

- Esc to pause

Thank you! I'll take a look at Pyxel Edit. Seems pretty nifty for larger-scale things.

That's pretty cool. It's always nice to see how others work. What's the app you're using to create the sprites? Looks a bit like photoshop, but more streamlined?

I took someone elses advice in the early posts and used Aseprite, which I was ultimately happy with, but was lacking a few features that would have helped immensely, such as a copy/paste selection (if there was one, I probably missed it as it was my first time using it).

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I'm done. Going to bed :-)

Have a great jam everyone! Looking forward to play everything. This was a ton of fun (and a huge learning experience for me in many ways)

Protip: Github external links don't seem to work on itch.io when you try to click them :/

Thanks a ton! That's exactly what I was looking for :-)

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Birds Vs Worms

About time I made a progress thread. though I have been updating my progress on the itch.io game page.

Link to my page: https://kbroloes.itch.io/worms-vs-birds

I'm making a Plants Vs Zombies clone (Birds Vs Worms), and have the core functionality down.

What's left for me now is mostly music, sound, polishing animations, and if I have time, add more levels/difficulties and units.

What I already have is this:

A functional GameBoy UI (though I advise you use the arrow keys, A and B to control anyway).

Enemies coming in, player units to be placed, currency, a timer and a win/lose condition when the enemy birds reach your side of the screen. It's all shaping up nicely for my first solo jam. I've also had to work all week, so time spent has been primarily in the weekends.

However, can anyone tell me what they use to make their animated gifs? It's my first time having to do that kind of work, and it seems super involved to record a video and convert it to gif, but maybe that's what it takes. If so, what video software do you use? Preferably open source/free.

Jam on!